Essay: What Were the Major Changes for Jews and Christians in the Middle East Between 600 and 1000 CE in Political and Religious Terms?

This was my first essay for the module “H130 Introduction to the History of the Near & Middle East” as part of my BA Arabic and Persian Course. It gained a First.

Marker’s comments:

“This well-researched and coherent essay investigates the major changes for Jews and Christians between 600 and 1000 CE following the Muslim conquest. The essay advances a strong thesis that is well supported by argument and analysis. The author’s careful selection of references indicates a thorough research carried out to write this essay (including several titles not included in the list of suggested readings + SOAS Library electronic resources such as the Encyclopaedias of Islam + primary sources including al-Mawardi and al-Turtushi). The essay reflects the author’s good understanding of module material and engagement with class discussions. Most importantly, the author clearly grasps the importance of primary evidence in studying Islamic history and shows a critical approach to primary sources such as the Geniza material, al-Mawardi’s Ahkam, and al-Turtushi’s Siraj – well done!”

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