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I am constantly looking for new projects to get stuck into, to gain new skills while perfecting current abilities, and for opportunities to make a difference on a local, national, and international level. Drawing on my many strenghts and experiences, I am motivated by a desire to grow as an individual and build strong professional relationships with others to contribute to team success.

What I bring to your organisation

  • Creative thinking: training as a musician honed my problem solving skills, allowing me to find innovative solutions to problems.
  • Growth mindset: I am a resilient worker and thrive on challenge. I don’t shy away from tough problems and work until a solution can be found.
  • Fast learning: I pick up new skills and concepts quickly and learn efficiently, not shying away from unfamiliar topics. I am constantly curious and eager to learn new things.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills: I am articulate and confident when explaining ideas to others. I work well both in teams and independently, being both an active listener and a cooperative collaborator.
  • Efficient organisation: I am meticulous in my organisation and have a strong attention to detail without detracting from the speed and quality of the work I produce. I constantly look to make processes more effecient to optimise output.

Sectors I’m interested in

  • Foreign policy: I am interested in international relations and the effects of foreign policy. I’m interested in analysing a wide range of sources to assess the outcomes of policy decisions.
  • International relations: I would like to explore diplomacy and international discussion, seeing how nations work together and how we can create a more connected world.
  • Analysis and advising: I don’t just want to know what is happening in the world, but why it is happening and the actors behind global movements. I want to gain experience of analysing data to produce advice on next steps and ways to improve global stability.
  • Community development, cohesion, and integration: Living in a global world means working with communities that are diverse. I am passionate about iniatives that encourage communities to be self-supporting and inclusive of all members.
  • Inclusive churches: I am passionate about seeing radical inclusion in Christian communities that centres the marginalised and those most in need.

Areas of interest

  • Theology: particularly queer and liberation theology. I regularly invite guest theologians to give talks at the Student Christian movement and write about my own theological ideas on my blog.
  • Middle Eastern and North African culture and society: I am interested in the politics, economy, history, and culture of the MENA region. I have studied and written about Middle Eastern history and politics and would like to gain more experience in these fields.
  • Modern Foreign Languages: particularly those of the Near and Middle East. I would like to use my linguistic skills to make me a better analyst and engage with non-English-language sources.
  • UK-Middle Eastern relations: I have studied the historical influence of the UK in the Middle East and am interested in how this affects relations today. I am interested in how the UK can work with Middle Eastern countries to promote peace, stability, and sustainability.

Examples of my work

For examples of my written work, see the “Writing” section of my site.

For my musical portfolio, see the “Music” section of my site.

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