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The UK-Rwanda Asylum Partnership Arrangement Explained

On April 14 2022 the United Kingdom and Rwanda signed a deal called the Asylum Partnership Arrangement. Since then, the government has faced heavy criticism from human rights and migrant advocacy organisations. This blog will help you to understand what this agreement is and why it has attracted strong condemnation.  

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IR Made Easy: The Riyadh Agreement on Yemen

Since withdrawing from the Riyadh Agreement in January 2020 in protest against violence in Shabwa province and declaring self-rule in April 2020, southern separatists in Yemen, known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC), have now announced that they will abandon their aspirations of autonomy in order to implement the peace deal with the government of…

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IR Made Easy: Lebanon’s Economic Crisis

Countries around the world are struggling to cope with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Lebanon was heading towards crisis before the virus became an issue. Once admired as a beacon of stability in an increasingly unstable region, Lebanon is facing an unprecedented economic crash and a massive rise in poverty. So what’s…

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