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Street Art in Amman

Something I’ve noticed recently is that Amman is covered in street art. You can find a lot of it around Jabal Amman and Rainbow Street. Keep checking back here as I’ll update it regularly with art that I find out and about! Read more about my year abroad:

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Ajloun Castle

! مرحباً As I mentioned in my blog about Amman citadel, Jordan is a country filled with historical monuments that offer a glimpse into the region’s rich history, and today’s trip was a prime example of this. About 45 km north west of Amman, Ajloun Castle sits atop Jabal ‘Auf. Before the castle was built…

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Archaeology in Amman: Visiting the Citadel and Roman Theatre

!مرحباً Amman is an ancient city with a host of archaeological sites, where you can find the traces of different civilisations spanning thousands of years. In many ways, parts of the city feel like a time capsule, offering a glimpse back to civilisations long gone but not forgotten. The Citadel The Citadel is located atop…

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New Beginnings, First Impressions

! مرحبا Hello from Jordan! It is currently 33oC and the sun is shining – it feels like midsummer and September is only days away. As I write, I can hear the Adhan (Islamic call to prayer) piercing through the sounds of traffic and commuting. This is my first time in the Middle East so…

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