I am a London based writer, student, and musician in my third year of my undergraduate degree. I’m a linguist currently studying Arabic and Persian, with a background in French, Spanish, and German. My research interests include West & Central Asian and Islamic studies, theology, gender and queer theory, international relations, and the interplay between them all.

I previously trained as a musician, studying cello and composition at the Junior Royal Northern College of Music and Purcell School of Music. I was a cellist in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain 2015-2017 and Prinicpal Composer 2017-2018. I made my conducting debut in January 2017 when I conducted Lauren Marshall’s Suspended Between Earth and Air with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Since then I have conducted various works at venues including St George Hanover Square and the Turbine Hall.

Outside of my degree, I am a writer on a wide range of issues. I have an upcoming chapter in an edited work for SCM Press that will be published in 2022. At SOAS, I was involved with the SOAS Spirit as International News Editor in my second year. I also maintain a personal blog writing on faith, theology, international relations, and more.

I’m passionate about social justice, community work, and activism and have worked with many organisations on community projects, including Oasis Waterloo, St John’s Waterloo, St Philip’s Avondale Square, Rhythms of Life, Restless Development, and Youth Stop AIDS.


إسرائيل بعيدة عن ملجأ آمن للمثليين

تتفاخر إسرائيل بأنها “ملجأ آمن للمثليين” وليست الفكرة أنه من غير المألوف الرؤية أعلام بألوان قوس قزح في شوارع تل أبيب. لكن تحت سطح الحملات التسويقية المصقولة ومسيرات الفخر الملونة،…

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